How to place Adsterra ads on a Blogspot and WordPress Blog

 It is no longer news that advertisements are the main source of bloggers money especially those who blog mainly for providing information to their readers.

Having said that ads are their main source of money, its not their only source. Some bloggers also engage in Affiliate Marketing, Selling of Products online etc while placing ads to complement their other activities.

If you are waiting for AdSense approval or you want to place Ads using AdSense then this article is just for you.

The main motive of this Article is to help those that have small page views and hope to place Ads.

To get maximum benefit from this Article, make sure you read thoroughly and follow all instructions.


When I created a blog initially and heard about Ads and AdSense, I thought that’s the only way I can monetize and make money on my site but after several months, I came to realization that applying for AdSense is just the most common and largest way of monetizing a site (blog) and it’s just meant for old and popular site with over 15,000 page views and impressions.

All bloggers need to know that AdSense is not a full stop or barrier to monetizing your site and there are several and many other sites that allow people to place Ads and there is a particular site which I have tested and is trusted that is very fast and easy to set up which I would be introducing to you in the latter part of this article.

Why Should I Choose AdSense?

AdSense is the biggest and most popular advertisement company and I must say it’s one of the best method for Advertising as their ads are neat, well placed, furnished and structured on the sites that it is used. I would recommend AdSense because of it’s distinct features from it othet competitors (Ezoic etc). Nevertheless, if you don’t have a good and quality content, you won’t be approved. Your site also need to adhere to their policy before you can get approved but getting approval isn’t all as you would still need traffic in order to generate money from your site.

AdSense might also need lots of Organic traffic (traffic from Google) though this should not disturb you getting approval bur your traffic source should be from reliable sources.

Why Should I Go for AdSterra?

As earlier said, adsterra is just an alternative but if you have tried to get AdSense approval and all your effort proved abortive, you could try AdSterra because it is fast and easy to get and the earning method is also simple. While using AdSterra, you could also keep on doing affiliate programs but on the other hand, that is not supported by AdSense.

The main difference between AdSterra and AdSense is that AdSense earning system is better and it has auto ads compared to AdSterra where you’ll have to place your ads manually using codes.

It takes less than 30 minutes to complete the signup process and putting ads live on your site.

Within the time frame, you would cover the following processes:

  • Enter the site
  • Set up your account and payment info
  • Request a review for your website and ads approval

Now, we come to the main point. Click here to start monetizing your blog using AdSterra.


Proceed to set up account and place ads on blog  >>>

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