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How to change name server on Truehost

If you are reading this, I’m pretty sure that you want to change your nameserver for a purpose.

Before we start, why do you need a nameserver?

Nameservers play an important function in directing traffic on the Internet by helping your domain name to associate with the IP address of your web server. Without this, a website would never function or allow visitors. Usually, when you buy a domain, there is a default name server which depends on where the domain is bought.

Where do I find my name servers

Your nameservers can be found in the welcome email we sent you containing your cpanel credentials. Or in your C-panel.


How do I change my name servers

To change your name servers, you need to log in to your client area.


1. Log in to your Truehost client area.






2. Enter your your email and password.







3. After logging in, click Domains || My Domains







4. Once you are there, click on the domain that you want to change nameserver.

5. Click on the Drop Down  menu on the far right side of the row. Click Manage Nameservers.



6. Select custom name servers and change them from there.

Note: If you want to revert back to your previous (default) nameservers, you can select to use default nameservers or type in the name servers when selection is to use custom servers.







How long does it take for nameservers update to take changes?

Name server changes takes 24 -48 hours before they are fully effected because it takes long for crawlers to make the site changes available worldwide. This period  is called propagation. During propagation, your site will be unavailable to visitors for some time (approximately 3 -8 hours) after which it might be available to some visitors before it becomes available to everyone.


The time taken for visitors to be directed to the new name servers depends on their physical location, internet service provider and some other reasons.

After some time, your site might be available but not fully functional e.g. Some pages might not enter. When this happens, just wait for few hours and always remember to be patient.

What if it doesn’t work?

If this process fails, contact their customer care at the left bottom of the website, click on the last option and state your issue. You’ll be assisted for free.

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