How to resolve server error 5xx

Server error 5xx is an error that occurs when Google Search Engines (Google Bot) can’t access your URL either the request timed out or your site was busy which caused Google Bot to abandon the request to crawl and index the site.


This could be caused by the following:

1. The server where your website  is hosted could be down and unavailable which returned a 500-level error when the page was requested.
2. The server might be overloaded or misconfigured.
3. Your site might be accidentally blocking or preventing Google from indexing its contents.
How to resolve it

1. Make sure that the link submitted to sitemap is valid (correct)
2. Remove posts that have been deleted from sitemap.
3. Contact your hosting customer support
4. Test if the page is working
5. Request  for reindexing in search console
If you have any problem, feel free to comment below.
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