Rank Math vs Yoast SEO: Which One Is Better for SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Trying to figure out which SEO Plugin is better for your site or blog? You are in the right place and we’ll go through the core features of Rank Math and Yoast Seo in this article.

If you are aiming to improve your WordPress SEO or make it better than it is, you’ll surely need an SEO plugin like Rank Math and Yoast SEO to achieve your aim but in the case of the best WordPress SEO Optimization plugins, Rank Math and Yoast SEO should be your sure plugin, they have been around for some years now although Yoast SEO have been around for some ages now which gives them some advantage over Rank Math although Rank Math is a better option / alternative for Yoast SEO plugin.

Meanwhile, we all know that Yoast SEO and Rank Math can’t be used together so most bloggers are finding it difficult to choose the best while most just go for Yoast SEO without giving it a second thought since it’s the oldest and believed to be the most experienced SEO plug-in. Now, which SEO plugin would you choose? Confusing right? Well you would soon find out has you keep on reading.


Having said that, Rank Math SEO Plugin is almost new in the blogging world, it is a great surprise how it has grown so fast into popularity, functionality and even in its Fans and Followers.

In this post, we’ll not pick the best according to our choice and taste but we’ll go through their features, functionality, automation, compare and contrast to know the best including in their prices and simplicity.

Let’s move..


Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

Let’s move by contrasting the two SEO plugins in terms of their features, it’s not arguable as it is a well known fact that Rank Math has more features and functionalities than the popular Yoast SEO plugin which gives Rank Math more advantage than Yoast SEO plugin . Now, we’ll prove our point by listing their free and premium features.


Rank Math – Free Features

  • Apply SEO titles/meta descriptions automatically and manually
  • Building of social media descriptions
  • Analysis of Focus keyword, Both Multiple and Single keywords
  • Creates a better and more customized XML Sitemap which makes it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl the site easily for better Indexing
  • Setup of Structured data/schema for posts and pages
  • Connect and link your site or blog to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster for faster and immediate indexing
  • Optimize your site for Local SEO and good Knowledge Graph (Limited to one location on the free plugin)
  • Improves Image SEO and Sets Image Meta title, tags, alt text and Description
  • Gives Internal Link suggestions for better site and post ranking
  • Add Breadcrumbs (Direction for users) to your site
  • Counts the number of link that is contained in your post
  • Creates, Enable, Monitor and Manage all type of Redirections (301, 302 and 404 redirects)
  • Link your Google Analytics account for better sight insight and easier access
  • Enables meta tags, description and scheme types for Products and shops

Rank Math – Premium Features

Keyword rank tracking

Google Trends integration

Google Video

Google news

Multiple locations are enabled for local SEO

More pre-defined schema types (20+)

AdSense earning history

Social media image watermark (automatic)



Yoast SEO – Free Features

  • Set SEO titles/meta descriptions – create templates that automatically apply to content and manually adjust SEO titles/descriptions for individual pieces of content.
  • XML Sitemap – create a more customizable XML sitemap than the detailed WordPress feature allows.
  • Focus keyword analysis (only one keyword) – enter one focus keyword and see how optimized your content is for that keyword.
  • Sitewide schema – add sitewide schema markup.
  • Content schema type – set a custom schema type for individual pieces of content (you can also set a sitewide default).
  • Search Console – verify your site with Search Console.
  • Set social media descriptions – control text and images for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Basic WooCommerce SEO – e.g. set the titles/descriptions for products and shop pages.
  • Cornerstone content – mark important pages as “Cornerstone” to help optimize them and get more internal links to them.
  • Breadcrumbs – add breadcrumbs to your site.
  • Link Counter – count the number of internal links in your content.

Core Premium Features:

  • Redirect Manager – create and manage 301 and 302 redirects.
  • Internal link suggestions – Yoast SEO will suggest other content on your site to link to.
  • Internal link blocks – add a block that automatically includes relevant links instead of manually adding them.
  • Multiple focus keywords – analyze your content for multiple focus keywords.
  • Related keyphrases – generate related keyphrases based on data from SEMrush.

Yoast SEO also offers other paid add-ons for specific types of SEO. These give you features that are also mostly only available in the premium version of Rank Math, though Rank Math does include some local SEO features in its free version:

  • Local SEO – adds structured data for local businesses/Knowledge Graph, enhances your contact page, and supports multiple physical locations.
  • Video SEO – get your videos listed in Google Videos and add other video SEO enhancements.
  • News SEO – optimize your site for Google News, ping Google when you publish a post, create an XML News sitemap, and more.
  • WooCommerce SEO (Advanced) – get access to more WooCommerce SEO features such as social media graph information, a cleaner XML sitemap, and more.


Now, which would you choose? Remember Yoast SEO is old while Rank Maths offer more features (both free and paid) than Yoast SEO.




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