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How to Install Plugins On WordPress

There a many ways to install or add a plugin on a WordPress Blog but most beginners who just started blogging on WordPress or just migrated from Blogger to WordPress but to install the plug-in is very easy as long as you know the steps and procedures but we would be looking at in this article.


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Install, Add, and Use Plugins In WordPress – Manually and Automatically

WordPress Plugins are basically the main functionality and building blocks or should I say supporting blocks of all blogs or websites that are built using WordPress CMS because they support and add more features to both the theme and the site as a whole, without them, blogs are less than blogs and would not even exist in its full function.

WordPress Plugins support features ranging from the Login / Signup page to SEO Optimization, with plugins on WordPress, the impossible now feels possible. It’s or it was almost unimaginable that a plugin could provide a free SSL certificate but with the help of plugins developers, it has been done; just a small thing though.


Adding and Installing a plugin on WordPress could be done in two basic ways, the other ways are just alternatives which we won’t go through all of the methods in this post.


How To Manually Add and Install a Plugin to Your WordPress Website:

  1. Download any plugin of your choice from any WordPress plugin download site that you feel is safe. The plugin that you download to install must be in a zip file format (.zip) but it’s more safe to download it from a legit site that you trust, you could also download it from WordPress Plugin Site. Most times, you might need to extract the plugin to get the raw zip file of the WordPress plugin.
  2. After downloading it, login to your WordPress site dashboard go to the plugin section click Plugin > Add New
  3. Select Upload Plugin
  4. Select the Choose File option, look for the plugin you just downloaded and click on it > Click on Install Now
  5. After it loads and successfully install, click on Activate


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How To Automatically Add and Install a Plugin to Your WordPress Website:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click Plugins > Add New
  3. Type / Search for the plugin that you want to add and install
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate on the next loading screen to make the plugin active after installation is completed.


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