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How to Write Your First Blog Post in WordPress

By now, you should be a website or blog owners and you might be wondering how you would write your first blog post on WordPress especially if you are too familiar with blogger or have’nt even blogged at all.

As you should know by now, posts are the main and most important contents in a blog, without them your pages won’t be able to work independently and even if they do, you won’t get AdSense approval and won’t be able to monetize your blog in any way.

In this post, we’ll go through how to:

  • Write your first blog post on WordPress
  • Get used to making a blog post on WordPress and it’s features

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How To Create Your First Blog Post In WordPress: Without Stress

  1. First of all, log in to your WordPress dashboard which is usually “” by default.
  2. Click on the vertical menu at the top left corner of the dashboard and select post then click on “Add New”.
  3. After clicking on add new, you now find yourself in the post editing platform. Easy right? Next step

Writing Your First WordPress Blog Post – Features Of The Post Editor

  1. The “title bar” which is found at the top and is used to indicate / write the topic or title of the post. The title usually shows before users click the post and at the top.
  2. Below, the title, the “add media” is used to add and upload images most importantly to a post and other files.
  3. Below the “add media” is the place where you write the post and add features to the text.
  4. Below that or at the side depending on if you are using a phone is the “save panel”; let’s just call it like that. The “save draft” is used to save a post that is not yet ready to be published while the “publish” feature is to publish a post immediately though time can be set.

You could also preview the post before it is published to see how it would look like.

Easy right?


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