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5 Easy Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Website

Driving traffic to your blog is the main and fundamental problem and also the need of all bloggers especially the beginners that just started blogging. Not all blog owners that have gotten approved by the popular ad network, AdSense are enjoying or getting money from it. Some of them don’t have traffic which turns to cash and their main aim is to do so.

When I started blogging at first, I planned on getting AdSense to turn my blog into a cash machine and once I do that, my blog would be great but then as time advanced, I realized that there’s a lot much more to blogging and I would have to apply blogging tricks like SEO, optimizing page speed score, building backlinks, improving DR (Domain Rating), DA (Domain Authority), PR (Page Rating) and PA (Page Authority) and also other factors which I’ll cover in this article.



How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Apply SEO and Optimize its content: Optimizing your page content and applying SEO as been a major way of driving organic traffic to your blog through Google, Bing etc as this makes you rank higher thereby increasing your blog posts visibility,
  2. Keyword Research: Keyword research is also fundamental in driving traffic on your blog because even if you have a high DA and you write on a keyword with low search volume, you would get low traffic no matter how high you rank on that particular keyword.
  3. Backlinking: Adding backlinks to your site would also help a lot in your ranking by improving and increasing your DA and PA. A blog with high DA and PA would have higher chances of ranking than a blog with a low DA.
  4. Improve your site speed: Your blog speed also helps you in getting traffic by increasing the number of returning visitors. If your blog page speed is low (slow) it would pursue visitors, readers won’t like a blog that takes 1 minute or even 20 seconds to load a post, they would rather prefer a blog that takes 0 – 5 seconds to load so this is a very important factor.

By now, you should be considering using a plugin to increase your site speed or read our guide on how to increase your site speed here.

  1. Posts promotion: You can also use a post promotion by either paying for it or using free traffic websites but this can be detrimental to your blog health so it’s always advisable to use recommended sites like quora, reddit, Pinterest which requires hardwork, commitment and persistence.


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