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How To Get Free and Unlimited Data Plan on Any Network

Are you looking for a free unlimited data that works for any network provider in Nigeria?

Unlimited data allows users to surf and browse websites endlessly without any disruption.
With a free unlimited data, you can browse and surf websites, watch videos and do other things on the internet without the fear of it exhausting your data, you won’t even have to waste or spend your money on loading data again and that’s what we would be looking at here.

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When you are done with reading this article, you would be able to use unlimited data for free and easily so we encourage you to read carefully till the end and follow the steps carefully.

How To Get Free and Unlimited Data Plan Using HA Tunnel VPN
1. Download the HA Tunnel file from playstore
2. After installation, enter the app
3. Download the hack file by clicking here
4. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen
5. Click import / export
6. Locate the file and select it
7. Click on start (connect)

There you go, your free Unlimited Data using HA Tunnel VPN is now activated. If this doesn’t work, you can try the next method.

How To Get Free and Unlimited Data Plan Using Stark VPN
1. Download the Stark VPN from playstore
2. After installation, open it and select tweaks
3. Select the preferred network that you are using accompanied with the free data you want to get.
4. Tap on the red power button to connect the app

Using Start VPN Reloaded Custom Mode
Incase method 2 didn’t work for you, you can try this method.
1. Enter the Start VPN app
2. Open custom settings
3. Set connection mode as SSL
4. The port should be “443” and host header should be “”
5. Enable V2ray mode
6. Navigate back to the homepage and click on tweaks
7. Select custom
8. Tap the red power button to connect and enjoy your free unlimited data.

You could do the same for other networks. Enjoy your free internet.

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